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I have no graphic card. I'm not an expert but when i search in google i found a solution. Go to " Settings > Video ". Then disable Hyperthreading ". Navigation Biosimilars: The Newer Generation of Generic Drugs Generic drugs have been produced from the same active ingredients as brand name drugs for years. But today the generic version of a drug is actually more closely resembling the brand-name version than in the past. That's because innovators are using new technology to make the bioequivalent. One new technology is a biosimilar, meaning "similar to life." If a drug's active ingredient is similar to a human protein, then it's classified as a biosimilar. The idea is that, since the body and its receptors are similar, there's no reason to expect that a generic product wouldn't perform exactly as the original drug. One of the most recent examples is the biosimilar of Lupron, which is used to treat certain prostate cancer. After trials, the FDA approved the first biosimilar of Lupron in 2010, and it's already on the market. Why Biosimilars Are Useful Use of the biosimilar version of drugs has become commonplace in the last decade. It's a better, cheaper way to treat patients, particularly those with expensive drugs. It's one of the reasons the number of generic drugs available is growing. In the U.S., 5 out of 10 medications are generic, and that number has been increasing since the year 2000. But people are still paying a lot of money for prescription medications -- $8,000 is a common cost for a new prescription drug. In addition to saving money, biosimilars may also save time, because they can be dosed the same as the original drug. Often they're packaged and marketed just like the brand-name version. But in the U.S. they are not entitled to the same speed in approval as the brand-name versions. Biosimilars may be more effective than generics because they are not affected by changes in patents. They are not limited to low prices, and they have different manufacturing processes. Recently Biosimilars Have Been More Difficult to Make When the idea of developing a biosimilar of a drug came around in the 1970s, one major concern was the discovery of so-called "humanized antibodies," which are very effective at neutral





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Hardware Graphics Acceleration Fifa 08 Download panhari

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